Small peppercorns, many wonderful uses, warm in the cold, dehumidification and pain relief

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(Summary description)Speaking of peppercorns, I believe that everyone's first reaction is the essential spices in the kitchen, but you know what? If you only use it as a seasoning, it is too much to use.

Small peppercorns, many wonderful uses, warm in the cold, dehumidification and pain relief

(Summary description)Speaking of peppercorns, I believe that everyone's first reaction is the essential spices in the kitchen, but you know what? If you only use it as a seasoning, it is too much to use.

  • Categories:Health
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Speaking of peppercorns, I believe that everyone's first reaction is the essential spices in the kitchen, but you know what? If you only use it as a seasoning, it is too much to use.
Chinese medicine believes that pepper can be warm and cold, dehumidifying and pain-relieving, insecticidal and detoxifying, is an excellent material for health care, the first place in the kitchen health seasoning is none other than it!
The magic of peppercorns
1, pepper soaking feet: anti-aging, anti-gray hair
Peppercorns are warm, spicy, and belong to the cold medicine, which can remove the cold of the internal organs. Peppercorns have the effect of warming pain, detoxifying and rationalizing qi, driving away colds and warming the stomach, activating blood circulation, preventing colds, enhancing immunity, etc., and have therapeutic effects on the treatment of spleen and stomach diseases, rheumatism, headache, influenza, insomnia, stroke and other diseases.
【Method】Wrap 50 grams of peppercorns with a cotton cloth and tie tightly with a rope. After boiling water, soak your feet in water, and after about 20 minutes, wash and dry your feet with warm water.
Pepper pack can be used repeatedly, soak your feet once a night before going to bed, to the skin of your feet is red, the face is slightly sweaty, and you can replace it with a week or so.
Insisting on it every day is conducive to improving blood circulation in the foot and can play a role in eliminating diseases and prolonging life.
2, pepper soaking wine (water): stop toothache, go to stomach cold
Peppercorn wine is made by soaking peppercorns in white wine, which can disperse wind and cold, dispel rheumatism, and dissolve silt. Peppercorns also have the benefit of relieving toothache when contained in the mouth.
Many people have such an experience: after the stomach is cold, they will feel that there is qi surging inside, and some people will have diarrhea afterwards, or feel abdominal pain.
【Method】Take 7 peppercorns, add a bowl of water and boil for a few minutes, add a little brown sugar, drink it, can relieve the symptoms of abdominal pain; If symptoms do not resolve after drinking, please consult a doctor promptly.
3, pepper tea: to dispel cold and damp
If you add a few peppercorns to the ginger jujube tea and cook it together, it is the peppercorn ginger jujube tea, which has a stronger effect on dispelling cold and dampness, and can also relieve abdominal pain.
Pepper ginger jujube tea is suitable for people with scorched cold and heavy humidity to drink, such as female uterine cold (vaginal discharge is more and thin, long-term dysmenorrhea), male kidney cold, as well as gastrointestinal deficiency, chronic diarrhea, people can often drink.
Women with abdominal pain after dipping in cold water during menstruation can also drink peppercorn ginger date tea to alleviate it.
4, peppercorn nutmeg: cure cold diarrhea
Peppercorns are good for healing cold and dampness, wind chills, and yang deficiency diarrhea, and are recorded in the "Compendium of Materia Medica": "Peppercorns, pure yang things, disperse cold and dehumidify, supplement the right kidney life gate, and stop diarrhea." ”
【Method】Take 6 grams of peppercorns, 3 grams of nutmeg, and fry the juice in water. Take 1 dose daily for 1 to 5 days.
Nutmeg is a common spice, medicinal materials, also known as flesh fruit, jade fruit, with warm astringent intestines, qi consumption effect, commonly used to treat diarrhea cold diarrhea, cold pain in the abdomen, vomiting and so on. This formula can be warm, dry and wet, anti-diarrhea, but also can cure children in summer cold and wet, wind chill diarrhea. If symptoms do not resolve after taking this remedy, please consult a doctor promptly.
5, pepper water: cure mouse hand
The scientific name of the "mouse hand" is "carpal tunnel syndrome". With the "mouse hand", not only will the wrist joint be swollen, the finger movements are not active, and the pain will also extend to the arms, shoulders and neck in severe cases.
At this time, you may wish to try soaking your hands with pepper water.
【Method】 Take the appropriate peppercorns, fry them in water, let them cool to a temperature acceptable to your hands, soak and scrub them.
Peppercorns can dissipate cold in temperature, and the volatile oil contained in it also has the effect of anesthesia and pain relief, so it can alleviate the pain of the "mouse hand" to a certain extent.
6. Pepper hot compress: cure the elderly with frequent urination
Chinese medicine believes that yang qi weakness is one of the primary factors that induce frequent urinary urgency in the elderly.
The elderly can prepare some large grains of salt, peppercorns and large ingredients, put them in the microwave oven to heat up, and then take them out and wrap them in gauze to warm the navel and Guan Yuan acupoint (3 inches below the umbilicus) at an acceptable temperature.
【Note】 The elderly feel sluggish, the salt pack should not be overheated, the hot compress time should not be too long, and the slight fever can be applied to avoid low temperature burns. If you accidentally have low temperature burns, please seek medical attention in time, and it is not advisable to deal with it yourself.
The peppercorns are selected like this
Peppercorns can be divided into two kinds according to the color of the outer skin: one is the red safflower pepper with a dark red skin, which is the peppercorns we usually like to use; One is the green peppercorn, which is still bluish green or bluish yellow even after the peel has been dried.
Whether it is safflower peppercorns or green peppercorns, the quality is good, and the appearance is dry and oily. Safflower peppercorns should be selected for red color, no stem, fine skin, uniform particles, and few seeds in the mouth; Green peppercorns should be selected for green color, thick skin, strong aroma and no impurities.
1. Look
It mainly depends on the color of the peppercorns, the size of the pepper grains, the number of openings, and whether there are impurities. The inside of the safflower pepper is white, and the dyed safflower pepper is not white inside.
2. Pinch
Dried peppercorns make a rustling sound when pinched. In addition, when the peppercorns are pinched and put back, and then the palms of the hands are observed, it can be checked that the peppercorns contain more mud and ash impurities.
3. Smell
Good quality peppercorns have a natural fragrance, not a mildew taste or other miscellaneous flavors. Grasp some with your hands, hold it in the palm of your hand for a while, and then smell the back of your hand instead of the palm of your hand, if you can feel the aroma of peppercorns on the back of your hands, it means that the quality of peppercorns is good.
4. Taste
Take a random peppercorn, gently bite open with your teeth, and then use the tip of your tongue to feel it, and then bite it a few times to spit it out, and then carefully figure out whether this pepper has a bitter taste, astringency and other abnormal tastes, only the pure hemp taste is the best product.
The peppercorns bought home are best sealed and stored, so as not to affect the use effect after the color and taste are lost.
Peppercorns are preserved in this way and do not produce insects
1. Dried peppercorns
Families with relatively small amounts of pepper can be directly encapsulated in dry sealed bottles, or divided into small bags and stored separately.
When packing dried peppercorns into sealed bags, take care to ventilate and dry them. Below, wooden boards or other objects should be cushioned to block the moisture, so as not to get moldy when there is too much moisture.
2. Flower pepper
Flower peppers should be sealed in a self-sealing bag and placed in the refrigerator. When you want to use it, take it out and put it in the soup with ice and peppercorns, which can generally be stored for a year.

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