Summer health points, how to spend healthily for middle-aged and elderly people?

Summer and March, starting from the lunar calendar lixia, ending in liqiu, including the six solar terms of lixia, xiaoman, mangzhong, summer solstice, small summer, and great summer. In summer, the yang qi of the human body tends to the surface of the body, forming a physiological state of yang qi on the outside and yin qi inside. At this time, the balance between human physiological activities and the external environment is often easily destroyed, resulting in a variety of diseases. If the human body wants to adapt to the summer climate, it must do a good job in health care and enhance physical fitness to improve the adaptability of the human body.

Health golden time: early stomach, noon heart, late heart

People often say health, but there must also be a focus. From the perspective of our daily life rhythm, morning, noon and evening are the key periods of health care.

There are 4 abnormalities when "sleeping", indicating that the cerebral blood vessels are "blocked" seriously, prevent cerebral infarction, and remember 4 words

Cerebral infarction is a disease caused by necrosis due to ischemia and hypoxia of brain tissue. The data show that the mortality rate of cerebral infarction is as high as 70%, which has become a major cause of death in China, and some people who have undergone advanced treatment may also leave sequelae of hemiplegia. Therefore, it is crucial to actively prevent cerebral infarction.

Neck and shoulder problems, long-term cure and continuous root, is the "cold" did not resolve!

Nowadays, the neck and shoulder problem is the "standard" of most modern people, once provoked, the light cervical and shoulder periphery pain, soreness, swelling, heavy hand numbness, dizziness, dizziness, and even palpitations.
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